Professional of the Year

Professional of the Year

Iowa PGA Professional of the Year

The following professionals are ineligible for Section Award consideration:

Class F or inactive members

While this honor should be based on a professional’s entire record, emphasis should be placed on his/her performance and achievements over the past five years. This is the highest honor paid to a PGA golf professional. The following guidelines are used to determine nominees for this prestigious award:

  • Career enhancement qualities and leadership abilities
  • Strengths as a player / teacher / merchandiser / business person and over all golf professional
  • Contributions made to nominees facility’s success
  • Contributions to the game of golf at the section level
  • Size and success of nominee’s operation
  • Examples of golf professionals who have enhanced their careers through nominee
  • Nominee’s ability to play the game of golf
  • Previous Section awards or community involvement activities
  • List outstanding golfers whom nominee has instructed