2022 Iowa Cup Matches

2022 Iowa Cup Matches


2022 Iowa Cup Matches

The 2022 Iowa Cup Matches will be held at Geneva Golf & Country Club on September 29th - 30th.

Iowa PGA Cup Matches Team Points Race

PGA POY Cup Matches
Senior PGA POY Cup Matches
Assistant PGA POY Cup Matches

Iowa Cup Matches Format and Procedures.

The format consists of the top 20 available Iowa Section Professionals vs. the top 20 available Iowa Amateurs. PGA team will provide 14 players from the "Open Division", 2 players from the "Assistant Division" and 4 players from the "Senior Division." Play will be two days with the first day being alternate shot matches and 4-ball matches. The second day will be single matches. All participants will receive 20 Player of the Year points for the division that they are representing. Professionals must compete to receive Player of the Year points.

NOTE: If a player qualifies through multiple Player of the Year standings that player will represent the association in the PGA Player of the Year Division.

The team will consist of:
A. The host professional is exempt.
B. The previous year’s Section Champion.
C. The previous year’s Senior Section Champion.
D. The remaining players to be selected from the previous year’s PGA, Senior & Assistant Player of the Year point lists through the current year’s Iowa PGA Professional Championship. The 2020 Iowa Cup Matches Team and all subsequent years will use the appropriate points lists starting immediately after the previous year’s Iowa PGA Professional Championship through the current year’s Iowa PGA Professional Championship.
E. The PGA Officers shall select an "Honorary Captain.” 

Effective in 2007 - There will be an Honorary Captain and Player’s Captain starting in 2007. The Player’s Captain will be the Section Champion from the previous year. The Player’s Captain will have the right to appoint two "Captain Picks" to compose the team. The PGA Team will still consist of 14 players from the Open Division, at least 2 players from the Assistant Division, and 4 players from the Senior Division. Example: If the Player’s Captain uses one of his/her picks on a Senior, then three additional players will be used off of the Senior Player of the Year standings to fill the second spot. 

2022 Iowa PGA Team will be announced following the 2022 Iowa PGA Professional Championship

Iowa Cup Matches Record Book (Honorary Captain):

2021 Elmwood Country Club, Marshalltown, IA - (Mark Egly) - IGA 16 IPGA 24
2020 Briarwood Golf Club, Ankeny, IA - (Gene Bears) - IGA 17 IPGA 23
2019 Crow Valley Golf Club, Davenport, IA - (Mark Lemon) - IGA 10 IPGA 10
2018 Spirit Hollow Golf Course, Burlington, IA - (Bob Moreland) - IGA 16 IPGA 24
2017 50th Annual Iowa Cup Matches, Otter Creek Golf Course, Ankeny, IA - (Gale Gilbert) - IGA 10 IPGA 20
2016 Blue Top Ridge at Riverside Casino and Golf Resort, Riverside, IA - (Mike Hall) - IGA 12.5 IPGA 17.5
2015 Briarwood Golf Club, Ankeny, IA - (Mark Burke) - IGA 21.5 IPGA 18.5
2014 Geneva Golf & Country Club, Muscatine, IA - (Jim Dickerson) - IPGA 26.5 IGA 13.5
2013 Bos Landen Golf Club, Pella, IA -(Andy Devine) - IPGA 16 IGA 14
2012 The Preserve on Rathbun Lake, Moravia, IA - (Jeff Smith) - IGA 22 IPGA 18
2011 Ames Golf & Country Club, Ames, IA - (JD Turner) - IGA 21 IPGA 19
2010 The Harvester Golf Club, Rhodes, IA - IGA - (Ross deBuhr) - 20.5 IPGA 19.5
2009 Rock Island Arsenal GC, Rock Island, IL - (Norm Luttinen) - IGA 22 IPGA 18
2008 Lake Panorama National Resort, Panora, IA - (Mark Egly) - IPGA 24.5 IGA 15.5
2007 Tournament Club of Iowa, Polk City, IA - (Jerry Johnson) - IPGA 27 IGA 13
2006 Wakonda Club, Des Moines, IA - (Gary Lockie) - IGA 25 IPGA 15
2005 Davenport Country Club, Davenport, IA - (Hank Stukart) - IGA 70 IPGA 50
2004 Hyperion Field Club, Johnston, IA  - (Dick Lane) - IGA 80 IPGA 40
2003 The Legacy Golf Club, Norwalk, IA - (Jerry Johnson) - IPGA 20.5 IGA 4.5
2002 Geneva Golf and Country Club, Muscatine, IA - (Hank Stukart) - IPGA 33 IGA 27
2001 The Arsenal Golf Club, Rock Island, IL - (Ed Biehl) - IPGA 24 IGA 16
2000 Thunder Hills Country Club, Peosta, IA - (Jim McPartland) - IGA 20 IPGA 20
1999 Sunnyside Country Club, Waterloo, IA - (Larry Crawford) - Rained Out
1998 Des Moines Golf and CC, Des Moines, IA - IGA 23 IPGA 17
1997 Geneva Golf and Country Club, Muscatine, IA - IPGA 23.5 IGA 16.5
1996 Glen Oaks Country Club, West Des Moines, IA  - IPGA 13 IGA 7
1995 Elmcrest Country Club, Cedar Rapids, IA - IPGA 23 IGA 17
1994 Sunnyside Country Club, Waterloo, IA - IGA 23.5 IPGA 16.5
1993 Des Moines Golf & Country Club (South), Des Moines, IA - IPGA 23 IGA 17
1992 No records available
1991 No records available
1990 Mason City Country Club, Mason City, IA - IPGA 16.5 IGA 7.5
1989 Ames Golf & Country Club, Ames, IA - IPGA 15.5 IGA 12.5