2020 Las Vegas Pro-Am

2020 Las Vegas Pro-Am

18th Annual Iowa PGA Las Vegas Pro-Am
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February 10-12, 2020
Las Vegas, Nevada

2020 Golf Courses:

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Host Hotel:  The Park MGM (formerly the Monte Carlo), will be our host hotel for the 2020 Las Vegas Pro-Am.  Your package price, if you choose to stay at this hotel will include 4 nights of hotel with arrival on Sunday, February 9, 2020 and a departure of Thursday, February, 13, 2020.  If you wish to stay additional nights, we have negoiated that price to be $115 plus fees and taxes for a Park MGM KIng or Double Queen or $229 plus fees and taxes for a Junior Suite-Nighthawk Suite for Friday, February 7 and Saturday, February 8.

Format:  Teams comprised of one professional and four amateurs. 18-Hole Team Event Quota System. The overall team winner is the team that accumulates the most points above their total quota. If no team exceeds their quota, then the winners will be the team that is closest to achieving their overall quota. 
Each amateur’s quota shall be initially determined by subtracting his/her Adjusted Handicap Index from 36. Amateurs must possess a handicap from Iowa PGA Golf Network, GHIN or CDGA that will be used as the index for the tournament. The maximum handicap for any golfer will be 28. 
Point System: 
Bogey = 1 point, Par = 2 points, Birdie = 4 points, Eagle = 8 points, Double eagle = 12 points 
Amateurs who have not played in Las Vegas Pro-Am previously or have not played in past five years (2015-2019):
Round one point quota will be determined by subtracting amateur Handicap Index from 36.
Amateurs who have played in event within past five years (2015-2019):
Round one point quota will be determined by averaging the point totals an amateur has scored for the most recent six rounds within the past five years. If an amateur has only played in one tournament within past five years, he/she’s quota will be determined by using most recent three rounds or less in case of round cancellation in previous years.
Each individual’s daily quota will be adjusted for the next day’s play by increasing the quota of those golfers who exceeded their quota by one-half of the excess, and by decreasing the quota of those golfers who failed to make their quota by one-half of the deficit.  After quotas have been adjusted by one-half, they will be rounded.  The daily team quotas will be calculated by adding the adjusted individual quotas. Sterling Cut Glass crystal trophies will be awarded to champions of the event.

Senior Tees
Those amateurs who are 65 years of age and older as of February 10th, will play from a forward set of tees that will measure approximately 5,800-6,000 yards in length.  

This event is a team event only, with no individual competitions associated.